America Enters the Dark Ages. 

As a proud right wing conservative I have to say President Trump’s inaugural address was one of the most terrifying speeches Americans have heard. With echoes of Hitler’s speech before the masses of Nuremberg it did more to divide Americans and even the former Republican Party. 

You only need to study the history of Germany, Italy from the 1930’s to see the parallels. Along with that the “America First” isolation movement from the 1930’s, if succeed, you would be speaking German today. 

Of course Hillary was not the answer nor Bernie.  Americans were stuck with the worst that America has to offer. 

I have, and never will be a fan of Barak Hussein Obama, but even he was never ‪divisive‬ as Trump has been in the first 24 hours. 

If anyone is to blame for the mess it’s the Republican Party. They allowed it to be hijacked by extremists who are nether liberal or conservative but are isolationist. 

These are dark, dangerous, times for America. I can’t help but wonder how soon till the Trump Administration attempts to start removing our constitutional. 

Time to start praying. 

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The GOP needs to grow a Pair!

Let me be perfectly clear. I will never vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I firmly believe they are both two of the most disgusting human beings to ever walk the face of the earth. Neither of them has any morals, honesty or ethics.

However I am getting sick and tired of people telling me if I don’t vote, or if I don’t for Trump that I just don’t get it.

I am an American I can vote for, just like you can, for anyone I damn well please. It does not make me any or anyone else any less of an American. It’s my vote and I decide who and if I vote. I, myself, may disagree with how others are voting. I may even enjoy debating it with you. Because right now I have the right to do so.

Over the last several hours I have read comments from fellow “conservatives” stating the remarks made by Trump to Billy Bush, should be excused cause of locker room talk or Bill Clinton did worse. Well Bill Clinton is not being judged right now, Donald Trump is!

  • Liberals are understandably upset over Trump’s remarks. However these same liberals excused Bill Clinton for the same thing.
  • Conservatives are understandably upset over the reaction to Trump’s remarks. However these same conservatives want to crucifix Bill Clinton for the same thing.

Once again I am being told to lower my ethics and values to vote for a man or woman with none of these. As a father, husband and as a human being I can not and will not support Trump, after his remarks released today.  Those who are deflecting Trumps remarks and saying Bill Clinton did worse just don’t get it.
 I will never vote for Hillary. However not voting for a man who does not have the morals to hold the office of President of the United States does not make me or anyone else less of an American or stupid for not getting on the Trump bandwagon.

This is not an election of who people are voting for but who they are voting against.
Furthermore I strongly believe that unless the GOP grows a couple of balls extremely fast, George W Bush will have been the last GOP president this country knows.

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John Kerry Doesn’t Get It

Every time I hear John Kerry refer to Isis as Dash I want to throw a brick through my television.

Everyone knows Isis is a terrorist group. What most people don’t realize, but Kerry does, is that Isis calls their “country” Dash. Almost everyone else calls this area as “occupied Syria” or something close to that.

By referring to Isis as Dash, Kerry legitimizes this terrorist group as a real country. From a Secretary of State this is amazingly scary. No one else that I have heard in President Obama’s administration refers to Isis as Dash.

This just shows what a fool and how ignorant John Kerry is. Thank God he never became president.

Sometimes the little things matter.

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grapefriend ginsburg reveals her nap wine


Everyone had quite the time pointing out that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozed off during the State of the Union the other week.

bader-ginsburgSo then Ruth tells everyone that Justice Kennedy brought wine to the dinner they had before the SOTU and therefore she “wasn’t 100% sober.” Hilarious – because who doesn’t knock back a glass or two before a work event? She then said, “It was an Opus something or other, very fine California wine, and I vowed this year, just sparkling water, stay away from the wine. But in the end, the dinner was so delicious, it needed wine.”

Total grapefriend.

The wine she’s referring to is Opus One, a joint wine venture between Robert Mondavi and Baroness Philippine de Rothschild. They make expensive Bordeaux-style blends in Napa, with the current vintage is selling for $245.

Opus One tweeted back at a local CBS station who reported on the incident:

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Roadmap Needed for Social Media

Sometimes posting on Social Media sites can get very confusing. I know I am an intelligent person, but more and more I am getting lost.  So many apps on our “Smart Phones” are set up to post directly to one or more social media sites when we “like” something. Sometimes we are perfectly happy with it posting to those sites, and other times we realize it went to one you rather it did not go to.

Over the years I have set up various Social Media sites some that just repost my blog.  My Facebook for instance is only automatic reposts of one of my Twitter accounts.  Where as I need my three twitter accounts, my personal twitter, my business (Voice Over) twitter, and my twitter for Tasting Notes Radio.

I work with two blogs, Brian’s Ranting Blog and Tasting Notes Radio. On top of that I have two websites that I work with; Tasting Notes Radio and Voice Over Brian which is for my Voice Over Business. Both of my blogs and websites serves a distinct purpose. On top of this I have personal social media sites I post to.

Now I need to be clear, Tasting Notes Radio (especially the podcast) is for fun. I love wine, beer, whiskey, scotch etc and looking at the different aspects and flavors of each is extremely fascinating to me. Tasting Notes Radio also helps me at the same time by practicing my voice over skills.

So the biggest problem is posting somewhere, and it accidentally ends up on some page you don’t want it to appear.  This is not to say there is not a plus side to that; It makes my life a lot more productive if I post something once and it shoots out to a number of Social Media sites with just the click of a button.

I could just cut back, but that would limit my out reach, especially when I am trying to grow my business. Not everyone who is on Tumblr is on WordPress, and not everyone who is on Facebook is on Twitter and so on.

However sometimes keeping track of everywhere I post is a full time job. I feel I need a roadmap. For instance if I post on Tasting Notes Radio it also posts on my Facebook,  Facebook Voice Over Page, Tumblr, Personal Twitter,  Tasting Notes Radio TwitterVoice Over Twitter.

For now I will just have to live with it. I could always just stop using Social Media, but its the only way to keep up with friends and family. The day of the 4 page hand written letter is  long gone. It is now replaced by our tweets and text messages. It’s a shame the letter is gone, as this for many families is their history written down. Not many people are going to keep their text messages or tweets for the next generations to come.

In the mean time, feel free to connect with me in the following ways:

  • Follow me on all three Twitter sites
  • Put me in your circle on two Google + pages
  • Like me on both Facebook pages
  • Subscribe to Tasting Notes Radio Podcast on ITunes or Stitcher Radio.
  • Follow me on Tasting Notes Radio Blog.Follow me also on Brian’s Ranting Blog.

I won’t even mention Tumblr, Blogger, and LinkedIn. And no I do not have a MySpace Account, but then again does anyone? 

Oh, so how do you get to all these; visit my site with links to all my Social Media Sites. Yes another Social Media site that I am on.

Just make sure you have a road map.


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Working on Wine Podcast and Blog

It’s been way too long since I posted on here. However, it does not mean I have not been blogging.  If your interested in what I have been doing please check out my Wine Blog at

I have been busy working on that blog as well as the podcast that accompanies it.  Now that does not mean I won’t be posting here on this blog also, as I still plan to do so more often soon.

I have some ideas that I want to write about and share soon



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What Today’s Job Employers Are Not Thinking About.

Today with unemployment still running at record highs, one would think that today’s market is only for the employer. However, how the job employer treats the job applicant, can and will have a long effect on how the job applicant views the employer.  Sadly most employers do not realize how important it is keep applicants happy. They forget  the applicants are also customers.  Today’s resumes are scanned and searched by key words and scanners. Often leaving the best candidates left out in the cold.

In this article we are going to look at a number of things the employers should consider when talking to prospective employers. Hopefully after reading this they will understand things a little better from the job seekers point of view.  This is not an across the board statement that every company out there takes part in these practices.  However it is my hope that it will help the employer hire a better employee for the best price.

  1. Sorting through resumes automatically.

Many larger companies today use key words to help sort through resumes. These key words pertain directly to the job role they are looking for. However this causes many very good candidates to get missed or left out.  One person mentioned to me once that he did not look at a resume unless the word “Sales” was listed at least 6 times.  However many resumes list only the job seekers former job titles. Therefore if this resume has less than 6 jobs and he now a very established sales man, he will get left out.

Note to employers – Your good at hiring people for the same type of job you have. However if you try to hire outside your job type, you usually don’t know what you’re looking for. Consider, you’re an accountant; you should not be hiring the IT Manager. Do you understand Microsoft, Cisco or other certifications? Do you know if they are up to date certifications? My recommendation is consider using a staffing service. There are many top notice staffing companies out there. Let them do the search for you. They will find the right person for you and you won’t pay anything until you hire the person.  It will save you both time and money in the long run.  Even better than Staffing is ask your friends if they know of anyone who might be a good fit.  Did you ever think about asking your Pastor? He often knows of people in his congregation who might be a good fit and are looking.

2.       Having people, such as HR staff, filtering through resumes they do not understand.

Many positions today are specialized. This is especially true in the technology field and medical field.  However many organizations use their HR staff to filter through the resumes. By having staff, not trained in terminology that fits the position, they fail to find the right employee more often than not. They are not always aware of certifications that this person might have earned.

3.       Not Negotiating with the Job Seeker

Salary’s today for many middle class jobs are not the same as what they were just a few short years ago.  Jobs that use to pay $60K are now paying $35K to the low $40K. However while many job applicants are willing to take that pay cut to get back into the work force, the employer still goes with the attitude that the applicant wants want they got paid at their last job.

Note to employers – Yes the applicant wants what they got on their last job. However if a person has been out of work for 6, 12, 24 months, they are willing, and wanting to negotiate. Right now is when you can get a more experienced employee, for a much better return. NEGOTIATE!

4.       Not Following up with the Job Seeker

Employers have to understand that if you interview an applicant, regardless of it being face to face or even on the phone, they are entitled to a follow-up from you. It’s common courtesy to send a correspondence saying it’s the end of the interview process, or here is the next step in the process.

Note to employers – Do not leave the job applicant hanging there thinking in their mind that they are still in the running for a job. They deserve to know.

5.       Understanding the Job Seeker has applied at more than one place.

I have had potential employers call me and say “Hi this is Chuck and I am I am calling about the job opening you applied for”.   Which job?  Throw me a bone!  A large number of jobs today are blind so the applicant has no idea they have applied to a certain company. If the applicant applied for the job a week ago, he may have applied for 20 or more jobs since then.  It is not uncommon for a job applicant to apply to over a dozen positions a day.

Note to employers – The job applicant wants to talk to you. However remember your just one position that he has applied to.  The applicant is also a little nervous when first talking to you, since it’s usually out of the blue. Remember it’s just as important for you to sell you and your company at the beginning, as it is for the applicant to their job.

6.       Treating the job seeker as a commodity  

Companies have to realize that the job applicant is also a customer. They have applied to their company because there is something there, they liked. Treating the applicant, like a number, could cause them to lose a loyal customer. He wants to work for you. He wants to be even more loyal.  He deserves the company’s respect.

7.       Not hiring the unemployed

Many companies advertise “Must be currently employed” in their job postings. With record high unemployment in this country, this is a form of prejudice that the country has not seen before.  Legislation in congress is being considered to make such practices illegal. Companies need to look for the best candidate, at the best salary, for their organization; Regardless of their current job status.  Companies that do not hire the unemployed have to realize that the unemployed and their friends are the ones who buy their services now and in the future. That’s a very large cross-section of the public they are alienating.

Next time you’re hiring someone for a position, think about what they are going through. You may not hire them, but they could still be customer.

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Doing Your Company Website Through Social Media

Perhaps it’s just me. Getting your own domain name today is very cheap. Companies like Go Daddy have made it easy and effortlessly. However more and more companies and organizations are making their main consumer website through Facebook.

Let me be very clear, this is an extremely bad business decision that these companies are making.

Companies that promote themselves this way lose their own individual style. They limit their marketing to only those use Facebook. Additionally, they are promoting Facebook, as well as paying them for their services.

However, you say Facebook has now over 1 billion members. Yes and no. Yes they have one billion signed up. No because they never take anyone off the roles. You can deactivate your account but your still counted, along with the thousands who have not logged in to Facebook in a long time.

Now although through out this I am stating this is bad to do with Facebook, I need to point out this is bad with any social media site. Facebook just happens to be the biggest one out there and the most prominent one by far.

What if Go Daddy started making domain names include their name? No one would go for it, and yet it is becoming acceptable practice through Facebook.

For Facebook it’s a great program. They get their name mention every time the company says “Visit our website at Facebook”

I can almost understand why extremely small companies are doing their marketing this way. They don’t have the man power, or resources to make a website. (Of course they could just talk to any 15 year old kid to make one). However I honestly can not understand why major, even Fortune 500 companies who do this?

Lastly Facebook and other social media sites are not the bad ones here. They are simply offering a service to companies to help market their products. The bad ones are the companies using these services.

It makes their companies look cheap!

Keep your company image your own, not someone else’s. Above all its your responsibility to make sure it promotes your company and only your company.

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Two Hidden Social Media Website Gems


For those who know me they will tell you I can be very high strung. I pride myself on being able to explain things to people, talk them into my way of thinking. However, when I cannot convince them of my opinion I get frustrated. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that something I find interesting or have an opinion about, may not be interesting to someone else or their opinion. Even though it should be.

Over the years I have always liked new computer programs and social media sites that were a not the “Big Boy” web sites. Sort of the hidden gems out there hidden behind the Facebook’s of the world. Years ago when everyone was on America on Line, I was doing CompuServe and GEnie (owned by General Electric). When Instant Messaging was the rage, I used ICQ, when everyone else was on AIM. Lately, with everyone on Facebook, I spend more time on Twitter (@bjboulden) and Google+.

Anyone who uses social media today knows it’s the quickest way to communicate with the friends, family, and business partners. There is no excuse for getting your message out to everyone instantaneously. The problem is getting them to read it. However getting them to read your messages is for another day.

I use two websites, both free, and both hidden gems, that helps me get my presence out to the public and helps me track my reach into social media. However, I will admit I am at a loss why more people do not use these two sites. Both are simple to set up and once done, can be interesting to review.

Klout is a fairly new website. By signing up, and completely listing every social media site you are using, it will give you a very detailed report of how you’re reaching into social media. This is one of those sites that you go in, fill out, and then sit back. The nice part with Klout is that it is constantly improving and growing. No this is not a site to blog on, comment on, it’s strictly for tracking you social media reach or social media “Klout.” And remember its 100% free.
If you want to check out Klout go to

Like Klout, is a free website. However it is not for tracking. It allows you to create a free one page website for yourself. Very easy to set up and use, this site works much like a web business card for you. This is a lot easier to set up then your own website. In fact, you can have it completely set up in under an hour. I will warn you though you will find you want to tweak it all the time. I would recommend you look at other peoples pages for some great ideas.

If you want to check out go to my page. . If you like it please hit the star or compliment buttons near the top.

Just for the record, whenever I see a free website I worry about getting spammed from it. Personally I have not seen any increase in spam mail since I joined both of these sites close to a year ago.

Please leave any comments you might have.


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Are We Already Living in an Intangible World?

Are we a society that is, moving from a Tangible Society to and Intangible Society? Perhaps we already have moved into it.

In simple terms Tangible is where you are capable of physically sensing the item by touch. Intangible is where you cannot touch and sense the item in your hands, you cannot hold it.

When I was a teenager I would spend all my extra money to purchase the newest albums that were available at the local record store. I would go down to the store and browse through thousands of albums; fighting my way through crowds doing the same thing as me.

Then on October 01, 1982 everything started to change. As the first CD Album was released to the public, Billy Joel’s 52nd Street. I remember telling people it would take 10 years for CD’s to replace vinyl. It took just a few months and albums started to quickly disappeared from the shelf’s.

The 33rpm record had survived 8 Tracks, Cassettes but it could not survive against the CD.

However the CD would itself run into intense competition. In 1999 SoundJam MP, was developed and released. Most people have never heard of SoundJam. However, SoundJam was renamed iTunes when Apple purchased it in 2000. On January 9, 2001, iTunes 1.0 was released at Macworld San Francisco and as they say the rest is history.

Although ITunes did not eliminate the CD, it did have a major effect on sales.

Today in 2012, there are almost no places to buy CD’s. Where you use to go to Tower Records, Wherehouse Records, FYI, and could get CD’s and Albums from years past, today you can usually only get the most modern CD’s. However that is usually in a small corner of a department store selling many other not related items.

Your music, use to be something we could purchase and physically hold in your hands. You could read the liner notes as you listen to music. It was tangible.

Today the majority of music is downloaded via the internet directly to our IPhone, or computers. The liner notes we use to read, are now a PDF file we read on the same computer or IPhone.

However, it’s not just music that are no longer tangible. Books use to be valuable. You could walk into a person’s home, spend 30 seconds in front of their bookcase and know their interests, and in many cases their intelligent level by the books they read. Now every major book store chain is gone, except for Barnes and Noble. Like music, people now download their books, newspaper, magazines to directly to their Nook, Kindle, Computer and even their IPhone.

Where books use to tangible, they have become intangible.

Over the past decade we have seen a large number of our tangible items move to intangible.

All these items use to be processions we would hold in our hands. Although you can still find these physically, it is getting harder and harder to do so. Now we download them, never actually touching them.

  • Music
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Video’s
  • Magazines.
  • Video Games
  • Banking
  • Letters – When is the last time you got a personal letter from a person, that was not part of a Christmas card or an email? I am betting its been years.

The US Postal service is cutting back on service and offices around the country laying off possibly 35000 employees. This is almost 100% brought on by people emailing one another as opposed to sitting down with pen and paper.

In time almost every store, almost every item you can think of which could be obtained through the internet, will be almost exclusively available by ordering it on-line by either downloading it, or having it shipped to you. It’s cheaper to them through the companies involved. Now companies can have one or two warehouses stocking all their items in the United States instead of several hundred stores.

Safeway is the 2nd largest grocery store chain in the United States behind Kroger. For years now, Safeway has let customers visit a virtual store on-line and order their groceries. Once ordered, they are hand delivered by Safeway employees directly to your kitchen table. The extra cost for having them put your order together and delivering it to you is just a few dollars.

So don’t think that Grocery stores won’t every move from a tangible product to an intangible product. It could happen much quicker than you can imagine.

Wal-Mart operates 8500 stores around the world. Now picture if Wal-Mart closed almost all those stores and customers ordered their items on-line, shipped to them over night. A few dozen warehouses around the world could replace all 8500 stores. Less real estate, stores, to deal with, thousands of fewer employees and much higher margins. If this proved successful, every major retailer in the world would follow suit. Of course, this does not take into effect that if Wal-Mart was to do this and the tens of thousands of Wal-Mart employees would be out of work.

Think of businesses such as Wal-Mart, and others following the business model that is already No stores, large warehouse and shipping, fewer employees, and big savings to the customer.

Television networks are moving more and more away from a set scheduled time of programing, to being available when you want it, on-line. Although TV was never really a tangible item, it was always there at a set time.

Is moving from a tangible to an intangible society a bad thing? Not at all. There was a time when the best transportation was a horse, and we survived and successfully started to move through the automobile, jet and space ages. People, much smarter than me, will come up new jobs for those whose jobs are gone. We just need to be prepared for what moving to an intangible society will bring, and possibly what we can lose out on.

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Written originally as a speech given for the Franklin Toastmasters Feb 25, 2012

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