Two Hidden Social Media Website Gems


For those who know me they will tell you I can be very high strung. I pride myself on being able to explain things to people, talk them into my way of thinking. However, when I cannot convince them of my opinion I get frustrated. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that something I find interesting or have an opinion about, may not be interesting to someone else or their opinion. Even though it should be.

Over the years I have always liked new computer programs and social media sites that were a not the “Big Boy” web sites. Sort of the hidden gems out there hidden behind the Facebook’s of the world. Years ago when everyone was on America on Line, I was doing CompuServe and GEnie (owned by General Electric). When Instant Messaging was the rage, I used ICQ, when everyone else was on AIM. Lately, with everyone on Facebook, I spend more time on Twitter (@bjboulden) and Google+.

Anyone who uses social media today knows it’s the quickest way to communicate with the friends, family, and business partners. There is no excuse for getting your message out to everyone instantaneously. The problem is getting them to read it. However getting them to read your messages is for another day.

I use two websites, both free, and both hidden gems, that helps me get my presence out to the public and helps me track my reach into social media. However, I will admit I am at a loss why more people do not use these two sites. Both are simple to set up and once done, can be interesting to review.

Klout is a fairly new website. By signing up, and completely listing every social media site you are using, it will give you a very detailed report of how you’re reaching into social media. This is one of those sites that you go in, fill out, and then sit back. The nice part with Klout is that it is constantly improving and growing. No this is not a site to blog on, comment on, it’s strictly for tracking you social media reach or social media “Klout.” And remember its 100% free.
If you want to check out Klout go to

Like Klout, is a free website. However it is not for tracking. It allows you to create a free one page website for yourself. Very easy to set up and use, this site works much like a web business card for you. This is a lot easier to set up then your own website. In fact, you can have it completely set up in under an hour. I will warn you though you will find you want to tweak it all the time. I would recommend you look at other peoples pages for some great ideas.

If you want to check out go to my page. . If you like it please hit the star or compliment buttons near the top.

Just for the record, whenever I see a free website I worry about getting spammed from it. Personally I have not seen any increase in spam mail since I joined both of these sites close to a year ago.

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About Brian Boulden

Living in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee where I spend time doing Voice Over's among other things. Member of Franklin Toastmasters. Bachelors of Art in Management from Saint Mary's College of California. Passion for politics, wine, new technologies, history, cruise ships and shortwave radio.
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