Doing Your Company Website Through Social Media

Perhaps it’s just me. Getting your own domain name today is very cheap. Companies like Go Daddy have made it easy and effortlessly. However more and more companies and organizations are making their main consumer website through Facebook.

Let me be very clear, this is an extremely bad business decision that these companies are making.

Companies that promote themselves this way lose their own individual style. They limit their marketing to only those use Facebook. Additionally, they are promoting Facebook, as well as paying them for their services.

However, you say Facebook has now over 1 billion members. Yes and no. Yes they have one billion signed up. No because they never take anyone off the roles. You can deactivate your account but your still counted, along with the thousands who have not logged in to Facebook in a long time.

Now although through out this I am stating this is bad to do with Facebook, I need to point out this is bad with any social media site. Facebook just happens to be the biggest one out there and the most prominent one by far.

What if Go Daddy started making domain names include their name? No one would go for it, and yet it is becoming acceptable practice through Facebook.

For Facebook it’s a great program. They get their name mention every time the company says “Visit our website at Facebook”

I can almost understand why extremely small companies are doing their marketing this way. They don’t have the man power, or resources to make a website. (Of course they could just talk to any 15 year old kid to make one). However I honestly can not understand why major, even Fortune 500 companies who do this?

Lastly Facebook and other social media sites are not the bad ones here. They are simply offering a service to companies to help market their products. The bad ones are the companies using these services.

It makes their companies look cheap!

Keep your company image your own, not someone else’s. Above all its your responsibility to make sure it promotes your company and only your company.

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About Brian Boulden

Living in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee where I spend time doing Voice Over's among other things. Member of Franklin Toastmasters. Bachelors of Art in Management from Saint Mary's College of California. Passion for politics, wine, new technologies, history, cruise ships and shortwave radio.
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