What Today’s Job Employers Are Not Thinking About.

Today with unemployment still running at record highs, one would think that today’s market is only for the employer. However, how the job employer treats the job applicant, can and will have a long effect on how the job applicant views the employer.  Sadly most employers do not realize how important it is keep applicants happy. They forget  the applicants are also customers.  Today’s resumes are scanned and searched by key words and scanners. Often leaving the best candidates left out in the cold.

In this article we are going to look at a number of things the employers should consider when talking to prospective employers. Hopefully after reading this they will understand things a little better from the job seekers point of view.  This is not an across the board statement that every company out there takes part in these practices.  However it is my hope that it will help the employer hire a better employee for the best price.

  1. Sorting through resumes automatically.

Many larger companies today use key words to help sort through resumes. These key words pertain directly to the job role they are looking for. However this causes many very good candidates to get missed or left out.  One person mentioned to me once that he did not look at a resume unless the word “Sales” was listed at least 6 times.  However many resumes list only the job seekers former job titles. Therefore if this resume has less than 6 jobs and he now a very established sales man, he will get left out.

Note to employers – Your good at hiring people for the same type of job you have. However if you try to hire outside your job type, you usually don’t know what you’re looking for. Consider, you’re an accountant; you should not be hiring the IT Manager. Do you understand Microsoft, Cisco or other certifications? Do you know if they are up to date certifications? My recommendation is consider using a staffing service. There are many top notice staffing companies out there. Let them do the search for you. They will find the right person for you and you won’t pay anything until you hire the person.  It will save you both time and money in the long run.  Even better than Staffing is ask your friends if they know of anyone who might be a good fit.  Did you ever think about asking your Pastor? He often knows of people in his congregation who might be a good fit and are looking.

2.       Having people, such as HR staff, filtering through resumes they do not understand.

Many positions today are specialized. This is especially true in the technology field and medical field.  However many organizations use their HR staff to filter through the resumes. By having staff, not trained in terminology that fits the position, they fail to find the right employee more often than not. They are not always aware of certifications that this person might have earned.

3.       Not Negotiating with the Job Seeker

Salary’s today for many middle class jobs are not the same as what they were just a few short years ago.  Jobs that use to pay $60K are now paying $35K to the low $40K. However while many job applicants are willing to take that pay cut to get back into the work force, the employer still goes with the attitude that the applicant wants want they got paid at their last job.

Note to employers – Yes the applicant wants what they got on their last job. However if a person has been out of work for 6, 12, 24 months, they are willing, and wanting to negotiate. Right now is when you can get a more experienced employee, for a much better return. NEGOTIATE!

4.       Not Following up with the Job Seeker

Employers have to understand that if you interview an applicant, regardless of it being face to face or even on the phone, they are entitled to a follow-up from you. It’s common courtesy to send a correspondence saying it’s the end of the interview process, or here is the next step in the process.

Note to employers – Do not leave the job applicant hanging there thinking in their mind that they are still in the running for a job. They deserve to know.

5.       Understanding the Job Seeker has applied at more than one place.

I have had potential employers call me and say “Hi this is Chuck and I am I am calling about the job opening you applied for”.   Which job?  Throw me a bone!  A large number of jobs today are blind so the applicant has no idea they have applied to a certain company. If the applicant applied for the job a week ago, he may have applied for 20 or more jobs since then.  It is not uncommon for a job applicant to apply to over a dozen positions a day.

Note to employers – The job applicant wants to talk to you. However remember your just one position that he has applied to.  The applicant is also a little nervous when first talking to you, since it’s usually out of the blue. Remember it’s just as important for you to sell you and your company at the beginning, as it is for the applicant to their job.

6.       Treating the job seeker as a commodity  

Companies have to realize that the job applicant is also a customer. They have applied to their company because there is something there, they liked. Treating the applicant, like a number, could cause them to lose a loyal customer. He wants to work for you. He wants to be even more loyal.  He deserves the company’s respect.

7.       Not hiring the unemployed

Many companies advertise “Must be currently employed” in their job postings. With record high unemployment in this country, this is a form of prejudice that the country has not seen before.  Legislation in congress is being considered to make such practices illegal. Companies need to look for the best candidate, at the best salary, for their organization; Regardless of their current job status.  Companies that do not hire the unemployed have to realize that the unemployed and their friends are the ones who buy their services now and in the future. That’s a very large cross-section of the public they are alienating.

Next time you’re hiring someone for a position, think about what they are going through. You may not hire them, but they could still be customer.

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