Roadmap Needed for Social Media

Sometimes posting on Social Media sites can get very confusing. I know I am an intelligent person, but more and more I am getting lost.  So many apps on our “Smart Phones” are set up to post directly to one or more social media sites when we “like” something. Sometimes we are perfectly happy with it posting to those sites, and other times we realize it went to one you rather it did not go to.

Over the years I have set up various Social Media sites some that just repost my blog.  My Facebook for instance is only automatic reposts of one of my Twitter accounts.  Where as I need my three twitter accounts, my personal twitter, my business (Voice Over) twitter, and my twitter for Tasting Notes Radio.

I work with two blogs, Brian’s Ranting Blog and Tasting Notes Radio. On top of that I have two websites that I work with; Tasting Notes Radio and Voice Over Brian which is for my Voice Over Business. Both of my blogs and websites serves a distinct purpose. On top of this I have personal social media sites I post to.

Now I need to be clear, Tasting Notes Radio (especially the podcast) is for fun. I love wine, beer, whiskey, scotch etc and looking at the different aspects and flavors of each is extremely fascinating to me. Tasting Notes Radio also helps me at the same time by practicing my voice over skills.

So the biggest problem is posting somewhere, and it accidentally ends up on some page you don’t want it to appear.  This is not to say there is not a plus side to that; It makes my life a lot more productive if I post something once and it shoots out to a number of Social Media sites with just the click of a button.

I could just cut back, but that would limit my out reach, especially when I am trying to grow my business. Not everyone who is on Tumblr is on WordPress, and not everyone who is on Facebook is on Twitter and so on.

However sometimes keeping track of everywhere I post is a full time job. I feel I need a roadmap. For instance if I post on Tasting Notes Radio it also posts on my Facebook,  Facebook Voice Over Page, Tumblr, Personal Twitter,  Tasting Notes Radio TwitterVoice Over Twitter.

For now I will just have to live with it. I could always just stop using Social Media, but its the only way to keep up with friends and family. The day of the 4 page hand written letter is  long gone. It is now replaced by our tweets and text messages. It’s a shame the letter is gone, as this for many families is their history written down. Not many people are going to keep their text messages or tweets for the next generations to come.

In the mean time, feel free to connect with me in the following ways:

  • Follow me on all three Twitter sites
  • Put me in your circle on two Google + pages
  • Like me on both Facebook pages
  • Subscribe to Tasting Notes Radio Podcast on ITunes or Stitcher Radio.
  • Follow me on Tasting Notes Radio Blog.Follow me also on Brian’s Ranting Blog.

I won’t even mention Tumblr, Blogger, and LinkedIn. And no I do not have a MySpace Account, but then again does anyone? 

Oh, so how do you get to all these; visit my site with links to all my Social Media Sites. Yes another Social Media site that I am on.

Just make sure you have a road map.



About Brian Boulden

Living in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee where I spend time doing Voice Over's among other things. Member of Franklin Toastmasters. Bachelors of Art in Management from Saint Mary's College of California. Passion for politics, wine, new technologies, history, cruise ships and shortwave radio.
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