John Kerry Doesn’t Get It

Every time I hear John Kerry refer to Isis as Dash I want to throw a brick through my television.

Everyone knows Isis is a terrorist group. What most people don’t realize, but Kerry does, is that Isis calls their “country” Dash. Almost everyone else calls this area as “occupied Syria” or something close to that.

By referring to Isis as Dash, Kerry legitimizes this terrorist group as a real country. From a Secretary of State this is amazingly scary. No one else that I have heard in President Obama’s administration refers to Isis as Dash.

This just shows what a fool and how ignorant John Kerry is. Thank God he never became president.

Sometimes the little things matter.


About Brian Boulden

Living in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee where I spend time doing Voice Over's among other things. Member of Franklin Toastmasters. Bachelors of Art in Management from Saint Mary's College of California. Passion for politics, wine, new technologies, history, cruise ships and shortwave radio.
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