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Doing Your Company Website Through Social Media

Perhaps it’s just me. Getting your own domain name today is very cheap. Companies like Go Daddy have made it easy and effortlessly. However more and more companies and organizations are making their main consumer website through Facebook. Let me … Continue reading

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Two Hidden Social Media Website Gems

  For those who know me they will tell you I can be very high strung. I pride myself on being able to explain things to people, talk them into my way of thinking. However, when I cannot convince them … Continue reading

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Are We Already Living in an Intangible World?

Are we a society that is, moving from a Tangible Society to and Intangible Society? Perhaps we already have moved into it. In simple terms Tangible is where you are capable of physically sensing the item by touch. Intangible is … Continue reading

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The Microphone Logo I Use for Voice Overs.

Some friends have asked me about the microphone that I use for my logo in conjunction to doing voice over work. This is actually a microphone that means a lot to me. This is the same microphone used by Johnny … Continue reading

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